Are You A Woman With Chronic Pelvic Pain? What You Should Know

If you are a woman that struggles every day with chronic pelvic pain, you know that daily life can be uncomfortable and difficult. Sitting down at work for long periods of time, standing, walking, and even laying down can all potentially be uncomfortable and unpleasant. However, you do not have to continue to struggle alone with chronic pelvic pain. There are options to help you learn the causes of your pain as well as come up with solutions to help relieve it. Read More 

Vasectomies In Canada: Will They Cost Less For Americans?

By now, everyone has heard that medicines in Canada are cheap. Stories of how Americans are crossing the northern border to get cheaper medications are quite common, but what about surgeries? Do Canadians pay less for surgeries too? Can Americans somehow benefit from crossing the border for cheaper surgeries? For example, can you get vasectomies in Canada for less than it costs in the U.S.? Here is a closer look at these questions as they relate to Americans in search of cheaper medications and cheaper surgeries in other countries. Read More 

3 Ways To Reduce Acne Scarring

Lots of people have experienced acne, especially when they were going through puberty. However, for some people, the acne will scar much more deeply than for others. This can be frustrating for those who don't have the time to leave the house with a full face of makeup every single day. Luckily, there are some home remedies that will be able to reduce the appearance of your acne scars and allow you to not wear makeup with confidence. Read More 

Why Should Seniors Get A Flu Shot?

When flu season arrives, you may begin to notice signs posted on the doors of family physician offices, clinics and pharmacies letting people know that the flu vaccine is available. This is to allow those who want the shot the opportunity to get it as early as possible. The flu vaccination helps make the immune system stronger and may prevent those who get it from getting the flu. While this vaccine is beneficial for all ages, it is particularly helpful to those who are in their senior years. Read More